Why should you be a member of Backlinks Genie ?

SEO is constantly changing.Link building is changing.Search engines are changing.

SO should you.

Before I start off , I want you to know that I have over eight years of experience in Internet Marketing.
This review will not be cheesy and have a dozen "BUY NOW" links. You are free to make a well informed choice.

What is Backlinks Genie in the first place ?

Backlinks Genie is a scheduled backlink building service (drip feed ) . It also offers a plethora of other interesting tools like "Keyword Discovery Tool"," Competition analysis tool " and even a "Rank tracker"  along with it very well laid out backlink building system which builds any type of link ever exploited.(check out the picture below )

Here is a quick video .

So here goes the review.

Backlinks Genie is infinitely better than ANY local install based link building software like SEnuke XCR, Magic Submitter ,SErobot whatever. That a bold statement to make and thats the truth.
After the latest Google Penguin , Hummingbird ,Panda updates such tools are completely blacklisted by Big G.    

So what makes this automated Backlinks generation system amazing ?

Value for money and ease of use to put it straight.

Lets take for example the ACTUAL running costs of SEnuke XCR.

The monthly subscription alone costs $137 ?

Add another $40 for private proxies :D

Add another $50 for a nice VPS to run it handsfree 24/7 ?

Add another $30 for Captcha solving expenses ?

Add another $27 for a content spinning software ?

All this along with quite a lot of time to learn the software and getting it set up.
So all of this sums up to almost $300 a month and less time with kids.

A Backlinks Genie Premium Account costs $137 ( at the time of writing this post ) and has 0 running costs . Its also takes about three minutes   to set up a project to run dripped .Thats what call awesome'ness  .

And to top it all off this tool can do MUCH MUCH more than anything which can be done by outdated software. I have been using this for over six months and I can vouch for the dedication shown by the developers  to keep making this better .

I use this regularly on my tier sites and even direct on my quickie money sites . Hell this even works wonderfully with Youtube SEO

This also works well while building links for your clients as it even shoots out white labelled reports.
Backlinks Genie also does NOT have a worthy competitor .This is the only tool which works this well on the block.

So what's NOT good about Backlinks Genie ?

This is something hard to come about. But I will try to do some justice.

Backlinks Genie has SOO many tools to look into that it takes quite some time to master them ( Not as much as Xrummer or anything else ) .This will easily overwhelm newbies .But hey Its worth it.


just kiddin.

If you have been looking around for a real software to take the load off you , this is a must.

You can email me if you have any doubts about this system or anything to do with link building/SEO in general. I will be glad to help you out as I like spreading good karma around. I am that guy.

Check it out here :

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